The Cushman Connection is a local Dayton business that helps other small businesses, and individuals

to streamline their business practices, update/create a business website, graphic design, as well as many other

business processes.

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Our Services


We help with Corporate IT needs.  If you're setting up a file server, need Active Directory assistance, a new network printer, or WiFi router.....

Cloud Services

We can direct you to select the best backup and cloud services for your needs..

mobile devices

We can help; you get your new Smart TV set up or any other mobile devices to handle Email.


Would you like to discuss Return on Investment (ROI) for computer hardware and software?  We can help with an assessment.

PC Repair

Need a new CD/DVD drive loaded?  Having memory issues?  We can replace that pesky drive and upgrade your memory in a flash..


If you need help with getting on the internet, or have e-mail specific questions, like how to set up Outlook or some other program, feel free to get in touch with us..

Technical Support

The Websites we've done